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Your Budget Cars and Trucks Online Bill payment

Customers of Your Budget Cars and Trucks can pay there bills by logging in the official website (given below) and visit Pay Bills Section to make the payments. For any assistance or questions, please contact Your Budget Cars and Trucks support at (575)-622-9700 with the information below.

Your Budget Cars and Trucks Latest Bill Pay - Online Login
Your Budget Cars and Trucks Latest Bill Pay – Online Login

Your Budget Cars and Trucks Login

To login in one should visit the bill payment website and enter his/her username/password in the right section of the page and press login. If you forget your password/user ID, you can click on the Forgot password button. You can view your pending bills in My accounts and pay them using Online Banking. Visit the Offers page to redeem reward points.

Your Budget Cars and Trucks Phone Number

Below is the number for Phone/Support. If you have any questions, please visit the Contact Us section.

Your Budget Cars and Trucks Hours of Operations

Monday  10 am – 7 pm
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Friday  10 am – 7 pm
Saturday Closed
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Your Budget Cars and Trucks FAQ

Our standard fleet features Ford and Lincoln products. However, we also have many other fine car and truck types, depending on the location where you’re renting. For this reason, our online reservation process is the easiest way to see available cars at your particular location.

Why does Budget organize its car classes differently than manufacturers and some other car rental companies?

The rental car industry’s car-class terms and those of car manufacturers have never been fully synchronized. No matter which car rental company you do business with, you will notice that there are many more car groups offered than those described by manufacturers in their new car classifications. For example, Budget lists the Chevy Malibu within our full-size offerings, while Chevrolet classifies it as a mid-size. Budget considers the Malibu as a full-size product because it has the capacity in all metric categories (seating, trunk space, etc.) to qualify as a full-size vehicle

Yes. Yes. Our standard fleet is not reservable by make or model. However, our street fleet is. We’ll make every effort to get you the exact vehicle that you want at the pick up counter. You can also choose to leave your car behind for a few days after you have taken the wheel of your rental car. Budget gives each customer the same flexibility. However, we cannot guarantee that your chosen make and model will always available. We also understand that some renters might decide to keep their car for longer than they initially planned. This could impact your rental request. If we have the car you want at the time you arrive, it will be yours!

You can express your individual style with a Cadillac STS or Crossfire that is smooth and comfortable, or any of our other vehicles. You can Dream It. You can reserve it. You can drive it. You can choose StreetFleet!

Reservable makes and models are cars listed in Step 2 of the online booking process. They must be a specific make or model and not a general vehicle type (e.g. intermediate SUV).

Budget has a large selection of SUVs from mid-size to large sizes, many of them offering 4WD. For the ultimate 4WD experience, we also have a limited selection of Hummer H3 SUVs. We cannot guarantee availability of the popular SUVs in the mid-size to large sizes with 4WD. However, you can request them at the car rental counter or directly from the rental location.

Our Hummers with 4WD can be reserved through Street Fleet reservable cars. Go to the top of and click on “Car Types”, then “Reservable Make and Model”. Reserve a 4WD Hummer to ensure that we have the exact vehicle you need at the pick-up point.

Do you offer hybrid and low-emission vehicles?

Many of our locations offer hybrids. Our SmartWaySM Certified Green Machines are environmentally-friendly and have great fuel mileage. You will be able to review these vehicles at your rental location in Step 2 of our online booking process.

All Budget vehicles, in economy, compact, and intermediate classes, as well as 98% of full-size and standard car classes, have been certified SmartWay by the U.S. EPA. On a scale from 1-10, each vehicle is assigned an Air Pollution Score (and a Greenhouse Gas Score) and a Greenhouse Gas Score. A vehicle must score a minimum of 6 on each score and a total score of at least 13. To be eligible for the SmartWay label SmartWay vehicles are excellent environmental performers relative to other cars. Budget has a green initiative.

These simple tips can help you save gas.

  • Aggressive driving (speeding and rapid acceleration) can cause gas consumption to drop. This can reduce your gas mileage by 33% on the highway and 5% in town. Sensible driving can also make you and your passengers safer, which could help you save even more gas money.
  • Each vehicle achieves its optimal fuel economy at different speeds, but gas mileage decreases quickly at speeds over 60 MPH.
  • Avoid keeping heavy items or unnecessary items in your car. A 100-pound increase in vehicle weight could result in a 2% decrease in MPG.*These and other gas-saving tips are available at

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