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York Property, LLC Online Bill payment

  • Customers of York Property, LLC can pay their bills by logging in to the official website http://www.yorkplace.net/ (given below) and visiting the Pay Bills Section to make the payments. 
  • If there is any problem or need assistance, contact York Property, LLC support (434)-984-4517 with the contact information provided below.York Property

York Property, LLC Login

  • To login in one should visit the bill payment website http://www.yorkplace.net/ and enter his/her username/password in the right section of the page and press login. 
  • If you’ve forgotten your username or password, you can click the forgot password. In the My Account section, you will be able to view your outstanding bills and pay through the online banking facility.
  •  If you wish to redeem rewards points, visit the Offers page.

York Property, LLC Phone Number

  • Contact us at the number provided below. If you have any additional questions, you may also go to the Contact Us section of the website.

York Property, LLC Hours of Operations

Monday 10 am – 7 pm
Tuesday 10 am – 7 pm
Wednesday 10 am – 7 pm
Thursday 10 am – 7 pm
Friday 10 am – 7 pm
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed

York Property, LLC Overview

Website: http://www.yorkplace.net/
Create a new account: https://yorkproperty.appfolio.com/connect/users/sign_in
Online Login/Sign in: https://yorkproperty.appfolio.com/connect/users/sign_in
Forgot Password Link: https://www2.yorkelectric.net/oscp/MyAccount/CreateUserId/ForgotPassword/tabid/195/Default.aspx
Payment Mode: Checking,
Support Phone Number: (434)-984-4517
Routing Number:

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York Property, LLC FAQ

What methods of payment do you accept for rental payments?

Rent is due at or before the 1st (1st) date of every month for each month of tenure. The simplest method of payment is to use a Pre-Authorized Payment, in which you submit a void check or a Pre-Authorized Debit application from your banking institution and we’ll automatically charge your bank account the first bank day of the month. You can also pay rent either online or via telephone banking, including York Property Management as a payee, along with the lease number, which is provided by the building’s manager, or supplying cheques or postdated checks. Be sure to ensure that when writing an e-check that your address, as well as the unit and building number, are included on the check. We don’t allow cash credit card or debit card payments.

How do I receive a rental receipt for tax purposes?

Rent receipts for the entire calendar year are sent out the second week of January in the year following. If you’re an existing resident the rental receipt will be sent to your residence. If you’ve relocated Please contact our office to request that a receipt be mailed to the address you have currently.

 I have a maintenance problem with my unit, who do I need to contact?

For all maintenance needs, you can get in touch with your building manager via telephone or email. The contact details are included in your welcome pack at the time of signing your lease. If you want to contact your manager, make sure you inform the manager know that you own pets and whether the maintenance representative is allowed to visit when you’re away from your home.

If you are experiencing an after-hours emergency maintenance problem, get in touch with your building’s administrator first before calling contact our emergency line after hours at 519-432-2590.

 I want to move out of my apartment, what do I need to do?

If you live in Ontario your Written notice is required to be given 60 days prior to the departure date. It must be prior to or on the 1st of each month.

Be aware that the expiration date must be in line with the date of the end of your lease in the event that you aren’t currently a month-to-month renter.

A written notice of termination of leases should be given to the building manager. The notice may be sent by email, fax, or mail to the local site office. The document must contain:

  • Signature from all of the lessees (excluding guarantors)
  • Termination address with the building number and unit number
  • The date you want to expire (last on the last day in the month)

 I received an N4 Notice to End a Tenancy Early for Non-payment of Rent, what does this mean?

If you’ve received an “N4 Notice to Terminate a tenancy early for non-payment of Rent” This means that it is because your rental for the month that was listed was in arrears and we had no evidence of paying the rent at the time the notice was given. This is the first alert for late rental payments. Make sure that the amount stated on the notice has been completed in full by the due date or legal action could be initiated with the Landlord and Tenant board.

Note that online and bank transfers made by phone could take two business days to take to process. If you suspect that you’ve received the notice incorrectly you should get in touch with your building’s manager.


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